Underground dog fence and its utilities

For many people, dogs are very much like their own children. They are part of the family and very well loved and respected. But, like with other members of the family, they have their own needs and for many dogs, access to a good yard is essential. Of course they also need to be kept safe and one of the best ways to do this is by installing an underground electric dog fence. What is an underground electric dog fence though? Simply, it is a long length of wire that is buried into the ground around an area of your yard and then connected to a transmitter box that is most likely placed in your garage or a shed. Don’t mistake it with wireless dog fence which doesn’t have any wires.

The underground dog fence system is a system that is generally installed for the purpose of protecting the pets of the house and provides the owners with the peace of mind as because they do not have to worry for their pets wandering off outside the boundary of the house. The benefit that is served by an underground dog fence is that the cost of installing the fence forms just a fraction of the total price that is required for installing a traditional form of fencing. Moreover, an underground dog fencing system will be hidden from sight. This particular feature is not facilitated by the traditional fencing system.

Types of underground dog fencing systems

There are various types of dog fencing systems that come with different perks or benefits and can be listed down as follows:

  • A particular type of underground dog fence is the one that comes with a receiver collar which consists of five correctional levels so that the power can be regulated as necessary. Moreover, the coverage area of the underground fencing system is 10 acres.
  • The second type of the underground dog fence is the one that runs on battery and can be recharged. This underground fencing system utilizes a transmitter and buried wire for the purpose of encircling the property. The collar of the pet also has the facility of getting recharged. Moreover, another feature of the collar is that it comes with a warning tone which rings when the pet crosses the boundary.
  • The third type of the underground dog fencing system comes with an electric fence that can extend up to 1,000 feet of wire. This means that the fencing system can facilitate the enclosing of land from two-thirds to one acre. The underground dog fencing system also becomes available with a lightning surge protector and is generally advised for the dogs that carry a weight of over ten pounds.
  • The last type of the underground dog fencing system comes at a cheaper price in comparison to the other three types that have been mentioned as above. This particular fencing system also provides the feature of SDF-R receiver that provides a certain degree of convenience to the dog owners who have more than one pets in the house.

Choose the most effective underground dog fencing system

The most important factors that are considered for the purpose of choosing the most effective underground dog fencing system are the weight of the dog, thickness of the coat and the energy level of the dog. Therefore, choose the most suitable underground dog fencing system. This is because the advantage of an underground dog fencing system revolves majorly around the fact that a pet is an essential family member. Thus, it is the primary duty of the dog owners to protect their dogs from getting accidentally hit by a car or run or wander away. Moreover, the installation of an underground dog fencing system will certainly contribute to the value of the property along with the ensuring of the fact that the four-legged members of the house can roam around with complete freedom.

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