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Dogs usually suffer from a condition which is separation anxiety when they are left alone and they usually exhibit a lot of common symptoms. One the most common dog owner complaints is that their dogs become extremely destructive and/or disruptive when they are left alone. These dog’s behaviors are commonly noticed when the owner returns after leaving the dogs for a long period of time. Most of the dogs which suffer from this are house trained and they know what their owner expects from them while they are in the home. But then being left makes them stressful that they tend to act differently.

Dog Separation

The dogs that experience separation anxiety exhibit symptoms which is a result of the agony they are suffering from when they are apart from the owners. Some dogs might attempt to escape just to get out and away from the situation they are experiencing. In most cases, these attempts are could be extreme. Being destructive and hurting themselves are not uncommon for dogs. This pet guide will help you be informed about the different symptoms that your dogs might be experiencing when they are suffering from separation anxiety. If you do wan your dogs to overcome this phase. You have to teach them to be more tolerant of being left alone.

One of the symptoms that is manifested by a dog under this condition is barking. This could also be accompanied by some periods of howling. You may be able to notice this symptom after leaving your dog alone. Sometimes, you might notice this when you come back home. Barking that is associated with this kind of condition is usually termed as “persistent”.

When you return home, you may notice your dog to have urinated or defecated in an inappropriate manner or not in accordance with how he it has been taught. If your dog behaves properly when you are around and tends to change his behavior when you are away especially in relieving himself might be experiencing distress when he is away from you.

There are dogs that often have destructive behavior when they are suffering from separation anxiety. It is but common for dogs to be chewing on different parts of the house like sills of windows or door frames, and other objects in the home like decorative items, personal things, or furniture, and some other objects. This kind of behavior along with other kinds of dog behavior that are usually similar in nature are usually caused by the dogs strong attempt to escape from being isolated. This is one coping mechanism that dogs do when they are experiencing distress. When your pet is suffering from this kind of condition, it is important that you properly get the dog conditioned and accustomed to this and make him adjust well when he is away from

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